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The new freedom in the Freiraum Freistadt

Freiraum Freistadt - Innovative living

Freedom. Most people associate it with complete independence. Light-heartedness. Freedom from worries. These days, many people worry about energy supply and electricity prices. In Freiraum Freistadt, residents can now live completely free of these worries thanks to an innovative energy concept.   

Under the name Freiraum Freistadt, 25 residential units are being built in the Upper Austrian Mühlviertel in the municipality of Freistadt - and the name says it all: An innovative energy concept will allow residents to live 100% energy self-sufficiently.

This is made possible by a photovoltaic system with 71.78 kWp on the roof and with 25.5 kWp on the facade of the building to harvest as much energy as possible from the sun. To ensure that the residential units are still supplied with energy even when the sun is not shining, the self-generated energy is stored in an electricity storage unit from neoom with 106.8 kWh and grid replacement function and made available when it is needed. The 150 kW fast charging stations of the residential complex are also supplied with self-produced green electricity. Through the self-produced electricity, the residents of the residential complex not only benefit economically through the electricity cost savings, but their security is also ensured: Save in time, so you have in time of need is the motto. In other words, by storing the excess electricity, the residents are also supplied with power in the event of a blackout. All this is made possible by the financing model of Impact.Invest, a division of neoom: The energy devices, i.e. PV system, electricity storage and fast charging stations, for the residential complex are built and financed by neoom. For the time being, however, these remain the property of neoom and are operated by neoom. This mitigates construction costs and purchase costs. The residents are nevertheless part owners of a photovoltaic system and battery storage. In this way, heating, cooling, electricity and the charging station are handled centrally from a single source via the contracting model. In the first phase, compared to other offers on the market, the residents save about ten percent on the heat supply and about 30 percent on the cooling supply. In the second phase, after 18 years at the latest, the purchase is completely free of charge, as the system becomes the property of the apartment owners. This long-term contract model means that the owners are decoupled from market fluctuations. 


Independence through sustainability  

Even if in times of horrendous electricity prices and an impending supply crisis, the topic of sustainability may seem almost (again!) like a marginal issue to some people: sustainability is writ large at Freiraum Freistadt. Because Freiraum Freistadt is a free space in the truest sense of the word: free of emissions, free of CO2, free of pollutants - and plenty of room for innovation.  

Peter Haghofer
Green real estate is more than just a short-term real estate trend. They are taking up more and more space on the real estate market. Because they are not only sustainable, but also economically more profitable - and thus more in demand than ever among prospective buyers and investors!
Peter Haghofer
Project management team Freiraum Freistadt

I am proud to have made an important contribution to one of the most modern residential buildings in Austria with our innovative energy concept!

Walter Kreisel
CEO & founder of neoom

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Dein Projekt

Unser Team unterstützt dich gerne bei der Auslegung, Planung und Wirtschaftlichkeitsrechnung von Photovoltaik-Anlage und Stromspeicher, auch in Kombination mit E-Ladeinfrastuktur und Gebäudetechnik!