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NTUITY won Digitalos 2021

With NTUITY, Neoom prevails against four other finalists in the Digitalos Award of the Oberösterreichische Nachrichten and takes Digitalos home with them!  

The Internet of Energy platform NTUITY received another award: The Oberösterreichische Nachrichten, together with their partners, choose Upper Austria’s digital pioneers with the Digitalos Award. With NTUITY, neoom was able to assert itself among the finalists in the “digital start-ups” category.

With NTUITY, neoom was able to assert itself among the finalists in the “digital start-ups” category. The manufacturer-independent Internet of Energy platform NTUITY is a product of the neoom group. The NTUITY software enables intuitive, decentralized and predictive energy management of storage and charging products. It connects people, buildings and energy devices with one another and measures and controls the devices with one another as required. In this way, the energy flow can be optimized - thereby reducing costs and protecting the environment.  

Walter Kreisel CEO neoom
"In order to electrify our planet in terms of environmental protection and, above all, to decarbonise it, it is important to decentralize, digitize and automate it in order to provide safe and clean energy for all of us!"
Walter Kreisel, MBA
CEO neoom + impact invest, NTUITY & Imhotep.Industries

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