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neoom's company achievements in 2020 in 5 figures:


Despite all the challenges, 2020 was an extremely successful year for us. But how is success defined these days? We see ourselves as a sustainable, innovative company. Therefore, our focus is not on the maximum possible financial gain, but on gradually achieving our goals while simultaneously maintaining our corporate values and identity.

And so, last year, we succeeded in continuing to grow in a healthy and sustainable way without compromising our own goals and ideals. A quick look at the following figures proves how much we have achieved in the process:

table footballTEAM

Our team grew to an incredible 63 people over the course of the past year, doubling the size of the previous year.
And we continue to look for talent to fill a whole new set of positions and meet the growing demand. Apply now!

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Corporate growth

Company revenue grew a whopping 250% in 2020 - despite the Corona pandemic and all the constraints it brought.






System Partner

Our partners are one of the fundamental pillars of neoom's success. That is why we are particularly pleased to have gained 46 new certified system partners in the past year.
You too can benefit from the advantages for neoom system partner!

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training participantsTraining participants

At the same time, our training courses have also grown in popularity. In 2020, 125 training participants were taught everything they needed to know about the neoom product range and its areas of application by our experts. Practical examples were used to demonstrate the calculation, design and integration of entire plants.

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photovoltaic panel


CO2 is the most common greenhouse gas produced by human activities and has a direct impact on global warming. Therefore, reducing CO2 emissions has also become one of the biggest priorities in the fight against climate change.

Renewable energy in power generation is by far the most important contributor in the prevention of greenhouse gases: thus, its share in the savings is almost 80%.

We are proud to have made an important contribution to this development last year, with 2,300 tons of CO2 saved.







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