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IKEA is completely rethinking the furniture store.

Revolutionary energy concept included.
With its newly built furniture store at Vienna's Westbahnhof station, IKEA is a pioneer in sustainability. Many innovative solutions in the furniture store help not only to protect the environment, but even to have a positive impact on the climate. This requires competent partners. To implement an innovative energy concept, IKEA therefore puts its trust in neoom.

The spacious roof terrace offers a marvellous 360° view of Vienna. If you lift your gaze, you will discover an airy roof construction peppered with 280 solar panels. Covering a total area of 500m², these solar panels harvest energy directly from the sun with a total output of 88kWp.

The energy generated that is not being consumed can be put to use by feeding it into a battery storage system: The BLOKK electricity storage system from neoom is installed in the basement of the new furniture store, where the excess energy is stored. This means that the electricity generated can also be used in the event of a power outage. Distributed over four air-conditioned rooms, the actively ventilated storage units have a total system output of 880kW and a battery capacity of 1042kWh. The central control software NTUITY takes over the control of the individual storage tanks. With a total storage capacity of 1 MWh, it is the largest in-house battery storage system in Europe at the time of installation.

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Whenever the energy harvested directly from the photovoltaic system is not sufficient, the storage system supplies electricity for the normal operation of the furniture store. In an emergency - a power outage - the battery storage system supports the grid backup system. This guarantees that IKEA Wien Westbahnhof will never be plunged into darkness. Another plus of the large storage capacity is that the furniture store is able to also supply its neighborhood with electricity in the event of a grid failure. This way, IKEA makes a sustainable contribution to security of supply.

With this project, which is unprecedented in Europe, IKEA is showing other commercial buildings the way: a sustainable and self-sufficient future.

Robert Charuza Construction Project Manager IKEA Westbahnhof Wien
"With our new location at Westbahnhof, we are rethinking customer proximity: We are where our customers are. But for us, customer proximity is not only about physical proximity, but also about shared values such as sustainability and environmental protection. We are pleased that in neoom we have found a competent partner to realize a sustainable project that benefits not only our customers, but all people - and our environment!"
Robert Charuza
Construction Project Manager IKEA Wien Westbahnhof
Walter Kreisel CEO neoom

"It was tremendously exciting to rethink a project of this dimension together. It allowed us to show that a virtual power plant on this scale is not a pipe dream. It is important to us to make a significant difference with our partners and pave the way for a better future!"

Walter Kreisel, MBA
CEO neoom + impact invest, NTUITY & Imhotep.Industries

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