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BMW Reichhart gets fit for the electric future with neoom!

BMW Reichhart macht sich mit neoom fit für die elektrische Zukunft!

The long-standing family company BMW Reichhart in Mauthausen has made it its task to keep its customers mobile with the slogan "Mobility guaranteed". Therefore, the car dealership is preparing for the future requirements of electromobility in the course of a business expansion.  neoom accompanies the implementation of the completely new electrical concept

automobile companies need them, merchants want them, and customers love them. We are talking about electric cars, which can now be found prominently in every well-stocked car dealership. But that's not all. Test drives are essential in order to be able to carry customers away with the convincing driving experience. And to make this possible, you need charging stations. This not only covers the consumption of the company's own electric demonstration vehicles. They are also a good opportunity to show customers the practicality of electromobility.

BMW Reichhart has recognized the potential of this cycle and, in the course of a company expansion, implemented an overall concept for the overall energy production and use together with neoom.

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First, a Photovoltaik system (final expansion 374 kWp) was installed in order to be able to cover the energy requirements for electromobility self-sufficiently and ecologically.
The  BLOKK power storage unit from neoom (final expansion 400kWh) ensures that the electricity that is not currently being used to operate the car dealership and charge electric cars does not go to waste or has to be fed into the power grid for a small compensation, but continues to do so can be used for their own needs and the natural fluctuations in the utilization of the PV system ensure the supply.



The BMW Reichhart car dealership, with a total of 30 charging points – 6 of which are fast chargers – is an important and ecological energy supplier not only for itself, but also for its surroundings. In detail, the newly built charging area, open to the public for electric vehicles, offers 24 charging points with 22kW, 4 charging points with 75kW (or 2x150kW) and 2 charging points with 150kW (or 1x300kW).

The charging process can also be explained and demonstrated to potential customers using the BOOGIE und BOXX charging stations from neoom. This makes the entry into electromobility within reach.



The networking of the devices and the security of the energy infrastructure ensure intelligent charging management. For this purpose, BMW Reichhart used the energiemanagement plattform NTUITY from the neoom group, which analyzes and optimally controls the energy flow using artificial intelligence. This allows maximum energy self-sufficiency to be achieved.

An important contribution - for customer service, the charging infrastructure and energy supply of the region as well as for environmental protection!

Simon Reichhart from the BMW Reichhart car dealership

"As part of our business expansion, it was important to us to implement an electrical concept as an innovative and future-proof solution with a reliable partner, on the one hand to be able to continue to meet the numerous new requirements of the automotive industry in the future and on the other hand to make a significant contribution to environmental protection and electromobility. "

Simon Reichhart
BMW Reichhart car dealership
Walter Kreisel CEO neoom

"We are looking forward to be able to make it easier for many customers of the BMW Reichhart dealership and residents from the region to get started with electromobility with our charging concepts and to be able to accompany BMW Reichhart on its way to a sustainable future."

Walter Kreisel, MBA
CEO neoom + impact invest, NTUITY & Imhotep.Industries

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BMW Reichhart gets fit for the electric future with neoom!

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