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2021 - 360 days of full electricity!

2021 - 360 Tage Vollstrom

The corona crisis was far from over in 2021 either - but we used our momentum from last year and continued to work tirelessly!

We have already walked a few kilometers on the way to the Gigacorn - and were thus able to take the first steps to become climate neutral!

But look back with us on an electrifying year:

Goodbye to CO2 - with neoom products!

Our mission is to bring infinite power to everyone! The idea of a fair distribution of energy and a sustainable future is what inspires us every day.

But we don't just want to give everyone access to sustainable and self-generated electricity. We would also like to save a gigatonne of CO2 through the products we sell. We devotedly call this ambitious goal our „Gigacorn“.

And we are pleased that our drive is already having an effect:
In the last 3 years of our history, our sold products have saved a total of almost 15,000 tons of CO2 - through PV systems, electricity storage and the switch to electromobility!

More than a climate-neutral company

But on the way to Gigacorn, we not only strive to save CO2 through our products, but also to be climate-neutral as a company itself.

And we succeeded: With the end of 2021 we took the first steps to become climate neutral!

After calculating our own  Corporate Carbon Footprint corporate carbon footprint, we decided to offset our emissions based on this. With the support of Climate Partners and our employees, we have opted for two methods to cover two levels:

Climate prodection

A certified climate protection project to also serve the social dimension of sustainability and to close the funding gap for sustainable development in developing countries, and on the other hand a young, innovative high-tech company from Switzerland to offset the CO2 balance of the atmosphere.


But we do not only save CO2 or offset it. Our commitment to combat CO2 effectively is carved in stone. And to support that, you need a solid foundation. We have that in the form of a brand new and promising technology:
From Climeworks, a likewise young and innovative company that relies on disruptive innovation to reverse emissions that have already been emitted.



How? Using the „direct air capture“ method from Climeworks, which uses CO2 collectors to remove carbon dioxide directly from the air.

The carbon dioxide, dissolved in water, separated from the air is then pressed into the ground, where it reacts with the rock and thus petrifies underground through natural processes. This neutralizes the CO2 permanently. We look forward to young and ambitious companies who share our vision and many tons of CO2 that Climeworks will turn to stone for neoom in the future!

Company growth - the neoom group takes off

Our vision of living and doing business in a climate-neutral way has generated a great response - and the keen interest is reflected in the figures: the neoom group was able to achieve strong sales growth again in 2021!

That would not have been possible without our great employees, our fantastic existing partnerships and our 136 new Systempartners !


Our big thanks go to all of you!



The number of employees also climbed to 117 with 63 new colleagues in 2021.
Together we were able to achieve all of our goals! We are very proud and happy that we were able to achieve a sales growth of + 350%!

We are happy about everyone who lends a hand and supports our mission! 

We are still looking for high potentials and talents who would like to actively support our mission!







And the efforts of these 117 employees have paid off in full: 692 battery storage systems - a total of 17 MWh - and 280 charging points were sold and 5 MWp photovoltaic systems were installed!




Already landed in the energy future

Of our countless references, projects such as the installation of a neoom BLOKK battery storage system with 1 MWh in the new IKEA store at Vienna's Westbahnhof, which can even provide control energy, should be mentioned.


Ortner Holz is also one step ahead with neoom: Thanks to neoom, the existing hydropower plant is supported by a PV system with 300kWP, the energy generated in this way is stored in a 398kWh BLOKK and KJUUBE with a network replacement function and managed with NTUITY!

Winkler Marktshows how regionally and sustainably generated electricity can be used for electromobility. At the Linz Urfahr location, power generation has been in hand with a 125 kWp PV system since 2021. A BLOKK commercial storage facility with 99.5kWh stores the electricity generated. As a result, six neoom BOXX charging stations can be fed from 100 percent green electricity - and the customers of the Winkler Markt can charge sustainable electricity while they shop in the energy self-sufficient supermarket.
You can find many, many more references here, through which we have been able to support companies and private individuals in living the energy future of tomorrow today:





NTUITY: Everything in (energy) flow

We can also report great successes from our  NTUITY business unit:

Our NTUITY energy management software has found a home in 433 locations. Now NTUITY is already optimizing the energy flow of 4138 devices with a total of 100.54 MW installed power. 723 users generated 3569.04 MWh of energy with their renewable energy sources and thanks to optimization by NTUITY!





Full power at Powerdays

Electricians, plumbers and solateurs are the backbone of our work. We are therefore pleased about every single one of our interested 418 participants whom we were able to welcome this year to our training courses and power days, including installation demonstrations!


Apart from on-site training, this year - not only because of Corona! - we held many training courses online as webinars. In this way, the participants were able to get to know our Internet of Energy platform NTUITY and its applications in addition to the hardware!


Register for training




Crowned successes

We are pleased that we and our products were again crowned with laurels this year: We, because we were chosen as a LinkedIn Top Startup and thus, as an innovative young company, are among the most sought-after employers in Austria!


Our atmospheric water generator Phantor was awarded the prestigious Energy Globe World environmental award in the water sector. The aim of the Energy Globe World is to reward innovative and sustainable projects with a focus on resource conservation, energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies.

Phantor was also able to bring home the German Innovation Award to the neoom group. The German Innovation Award recognizes cross-industry products and solutions that differ from previous solutions primarily through their user-centeredness and added value.

Our Internet of Energy platform NTUITY was awarded the Digitalos as the state's digital pioneer in the “digital start-ups” category by Oberösterreichische Nachrichten.


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Expansion & investment

We have also grown spatially: three new locations - Munich, Vaduz and Zurich - opened in 2021, and Berlin will follow in 2022. This was made possible by the Centum investment round, in the course of which ZE Fund Trust entered the lead investor with Mr. Maximilian Zeller, as well as Nixdorf Kapital Impact Fund SCS-SICAV RAIF Burning Issues Impact Fund (BIIF), venture capital professional and serial entrepreneur Roman Scharf and 15% from the management of the neoom group itself.



A total of 11 million euros could be generated through the Series A of this investment round! We have put the majority of this into the further development of our products in order to be able to continue to offer excellent quality. Since this also includes top service, we have increased our staff considerably and hired the best minds!




Neues aus der Regie

To manage all of this, new organizational structures have emerged: 

To manage all of this, new organizational structures have emerged: Günter Maier, is the first vice chairman of our new supervisory board,Kornelia Waitz-Ramsauer and Sok-Kheng Taing as Chairwoman.

We were able to win Christin ter Braak-Forstinger, Maximilian Zeller, Rudolf HiltiMichael Escher and Johannes Püller. 

We are also pleased that we were able to welcome ex-Fronius top manager Herbert Mühlböck as the new COO of the neoom group in 2021!

Markus Borke, former Director of Sales DACH at sonnen GmbH, has been Head of neoom's German locations as Country Manager Germany since November 2021.

We were also able to win a new Head of Sales for NTUITY in Julius Schärdinger, former Head of Sales at meteocontrol GmbH.


We are pleased that in 2021 we were able to support many customers with our products on their own path to sustainable and climate-neutral electricity, in line with our slogan: Infinite power for all of us! The great demand and our resulting strong growth - also in 2021 - show that our efforts are falling on fertile ground!

We are particularly pleased that these fruits of our labor have been recognized with some laurels - that is, awards and prizes - this year! But not only external juries and specialist committees have shown their approval of our work - all the new high potentials and talents that we were able to win over in 2021 show that our vision is spreading widely!

We used this encouragement to successfully develop and expand our organization.


One of our biggest, most important and most exciting projects in the coming year will be the move to our new company headquarters in Freecity in the Mühlviertel! The anticipation is already very high - because freecity will be sustainable beyond all imaginable limits!

We would like to thank all of our supporters - customers, partners, friends - for the great cooperation! Thanks to your support, we were able to realize visionary ideas again in 2021 and promote the energy transition together!  

#followneoom to find out what the year 2022 will bring us and our customers!



In the last 3 years of our history
neoom products have saved a total of almost 15,000 tons of CO2!

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